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Citronol Hand Cleaner Pty Ltd was established in July 2004 and is situated in Midrand Industrial Park, Commercia. The Company manufactures Industrial Hand Cleaners (with grit or without grit), Barrier Creams, Multipurpose Cleaners, Heavy Duty Cleaners / Degreasers, Liquid Hand Soap, Pine Gel, All Purpose Cleaner and Dish wash Liquid.

Citronol Hand Cleaning products have been marketed for two years prior to the establishment of the new company through one of the MCC Group of Companies.

In 2004 Mike Barnes (owner of the then MCC Group) together with Victor Hyam (Managing Director of Citronol), established the new company in July 2004.

This was done to focus the research and development of the products as well as the marketing.

The Citronol factory prides itself in producing high quality cleaning products which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly to International Standards.

Material Safety Data Certificates (MSDS) are available for all products.

The Company’s Mission is to increase growth, based on producing high quality products backed by a high standard of service to the industry. The current staff compliment is small with the emphasis on skills development.

Research and development is an ongoing process to improve current products standards and to evolve new products and formulas.

The Vision forward for Citronol is to establish a prominent position in the market place as a manufacturer of high quality cleaning products.